2017 Fundraiser

Thanks to all who have participated in our 2017 Fundraiser!

Your donation makes it possible for us to fund incidentals that we cannot cover by branch dues alone. 

You have allowed us to avoid raising branch dues, and in the recent past, our incidentals have included:
  •  Room upgrades to accommodate extra guests for special events and wonderful speakers
  •  Purchasing a projector needed to accommodate our invited speakers
  •  Sending flowers to members in times of celebrations and in times of grief or illness
  •  Reimbursing travel expenses for officers to attend Local, State, and National AAUW events
  •  Purchasing token items for special events like membership drives and outreach to women and girls
  •  Giving earmarked donations, either from the Branch or in memoriam

If you missed our fundraiser, here is a link

or you can donate by clicking here