2017 Fundraiser

AAUW Raleigh-Wake Branch First Annual

“I’d rather write a check” Fundraiser

Once at a PTA meeting, someone said ‘Lisa, you are good with the computer, you could help us by typing in Coke Points!’  For those of you who don’t know what those are, they are the tiny hard to read letter and number codes on coke lids:

I can’t think of anything I’d like to do less!  So I said, “How about I spend the weekend doing overtime and send you the check?”

So, can you help me organize a fundraiser?  How much should I ask of everyone?

Can you give about an hour of your time?

If you are working, can you give me (actually AAUW Raleigh-Wake Branch!) a check for an hour (or 1.5 hours non-exempt 😉) of your time?  If you are retired, your time and money become more precious…how to put a price on that hour?  How much would you pay to get out of selling wrapping paper or making cookies for a bake sale?

Time = Money

… and I’d rather write a check!!

Email lisa lenore lowe [at] gmail.com  for an address to send a check, or click the donate button below to use PayPal (credit card).  Thanks!!!

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